Chaotica Collection

From the beginning of earth, when the first bacterial organisms were formed nearly 3 billion years ago, nature has been at war with itself. When fully unleashed she creates amazing beings or destroys what she has made and starts anew. In the end her aim is, through the seeming chaos, to maintain the earth’s balance as a place full of life and growth. 

The Chaotica Collection was born out of the Covid Pandemic and the concept that an unseen battle for dominance is always raging. Whether through evolutionary processes or man’s interference with nature, organisms will find a way to exist. The creative imagery of Chaotica takes a look at the world’s microorganisms all around us as they interact, multiply, and fight for existence. 

Chaotica Now at Vidashop

The Chaotica Collection scarves are now available to purchase at Vidashop.

These beautiful designs come in a full range of colors and styles from 100% silk to soft cotton.
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