At the core is love of family.

For me, family comes in as many forms as there are days in the year. If you get a group of people together who love each other and are working for the common good they can be called “a family.” At the core of family, are the members who love and nurture each other through thick and thin. In this time of Covid 19, when I couldn’t see my 90 year old mom or visit with my sister, I’ve realized how much family means to me.

Los Pájaros Rojos is a love story inspired by family. In the spring as we were all shut up in our houses our avian friends arrived and started —as the grass greened and the world came back to life—to create a family. From the very first moment Los Pájaros Rojos (the red birds) meet, it’s love at first sight. So what would a lady bird be wooed by? A nice juicy worm of course!

A giant blue egg!?

Let’s face it, motherhood is a supreme challenge. Mom’s work can be so hard at times but she always takes care of business. In this case her work pays off. The egg finally breaks open and out comes two perfect chubby chicks. Chicks are always hungry but they like to have fun too. So one day when butterflies come to visit the day becomes a bit more colorful for everyone.

Family time Pajaros style.

I remember getting up one morning and looking out the kitchen window to my garden. I had planted a large patch of sunflowers of varying sizes and colors. On the biggest of the flowers sat a family of cardinals—Mom, Dad, and two youngsters—all sharing a sunflower seed breakfast. What a lovely way to start the day! I will forever remember that wonderful scene and the obvious affection those birds showed each other. I hope this collection brings forth the inspiration I took from that moment and my joy to share it with you.