When you are the Hendersons, a family of adventurous dragons, you need to be prepared for anything!

Everyday life for the Hendersons is just like that of a normal family. Hanging around the house, celebrating holidays and going on family beach vacations. As much as this family of dragons loves being at home, the Hendersons also love to travel. When the travel bug hits they immediately pack their bags and head off on a new adventure! And oh boy, do they have adventures!

Taking joy in all of life’s moments.

Mother and Father Henderson are always open to new experiences and their trips lead them to exotic out-of-the-way places. I mean wouldn’t everyone like to go glacier sliding with penguins? BUT WATCH OUT! Junior doesn’t always behave in these instances. Fortunately while Grandma naps, the Hendersons trusty dog Fred is ready to save the day. And that’s important because no one wants to come home from a fun adventure to a messy house!

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